Fill in some Ripple Cake is a delicious Continental recipe served as a Dessert.text

Ripple cake is a delectable dessert loved by many.

Delicious Dessert

Visual Appeal

Its name comes from the mesmerizing ripple effect created by its layers.

Layered Wonder

It's typically made by layering thin sheets of cookies or biscuits with a creamy filling.

The most common flavor is chocolate, but variations with coffee or fruit are popular too.

Classic Flavors

No-Bake Delight

It's a no-bake dessert, making it perfect for hot summer days.

Easy to Prepare

Preparing a ripple cake is relatively simple, requiring no oven time.

ย Cookies Galore

You'll need a stack of your favorite cookies for the layers.

Creamy Layers

In between the cookies, you spread a creamy mixture, often featuring whipped cream or condensed milk.

Once assembled, the cake needs some chill time in the refrigerator to set.

Chill Time