Taco John’s Breakfast Hours| Menu Prices 2023| Opening & Closing Time

Taco John’s breakfast Hours: Taco John’s offers you some of the most delicious Mexican breakfast foods. Only if you arrive at Taco John’s before the morning hours end will you be able to start your day with a delicious breakfast at Taco John’s.

The only time Taco John serves breakfast is in the morning. During Taco John’s breakfast hours, they mostly serve breakfast burritos and Mexican Donut Bites.

Read on to learn when Taco John’s stops serving breakfast, as well as the full Taco John’s morning menu and prices.

Taco John’s Breakfast Hours

Taco John’s breakfast Hours: At 7 AM, Taco John’s begins serving breakfast. The Majority of Taco John’s restaurants begin offering breakfast as soon as they open.

Breakfast will only be available until 10:30 AM. After 10:30 AM, Taco John’s establishments begin offering the lunch menu.

The majority of Taco John’s locations serve breakfast according to the schedule listed in the table below. The timing, though, could vary a little bit in some places.

Taco John’s Breakfast Hours

DAY Time to Start Lunch Closing Hours
Monday 7 AM 10:30 AM
Tuesday 7 AM 10:30 AM
Wednesday 7 AM 10:30 AM
Thursday 7 AM 10:30 AM
Friday 7 AM 10:30 AM
Saturday 7 AM 10:30 AM
Sunday 7 AM 10:30 AM

What Time Does Taco John’s Start Serving Breakfast

At precisely 7 AM, Taco John’s begins accepting breakfast orders for both eating in and delivery. It is not feasible to get breakfast before 7 AM, but a delay is available at select Taco John’s locations.

In some areas, Taco John’s locations are open between 7:30 and 8 AM, and the breakfast menu is also available starting at that time.

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On the Taco John’s Locations page, look up the precise Taco John’s breakfast hours for that region.  

Taco John’s Breakfast Menu Prices 2023

The breakfast menu at Taco John’s is available from 7 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. These are the foods that Tao John serves every morning during breakfast hours.

The Morning menu at Taco John’s offers breakfast combos, drinks, and children’s menus. Scrambler Burritos and Potato Oles are two of Taco John’s most well-known morning items.

Since 1968, Taco John’s has offered traditional Mexican fast cuisine. It all began with a taco stand and has since grown to become one of the biggest Mexican restaurants in the country.

Fun fact: Taco Tuesday was created by Taco John’s, who even copyrighted the phrase! Taco John’s is as dedicated to serving the best tacos as they are to serve a delectable West-Mex breakfast.

For a meal that will start your day off right, indulge in one of the restaurant’s stacked breakfast burritos.

Taco John’s Breakfast Menu Prices 2023

No  Breakfast Menu Price
1 Scrambler Burrito with Bacon $2.79
2 Scrambler Burrito with Sausage $2.79
3 Meat and Potato Breakfast Burrito (Bacon) $2.59
4 Meat and Potato Breakfast Burrito (Sausage) $2.59
5 Spicy Chorizo Breakfast Burrito  $2.79
6 Junior Breakfast Burrito with Bacon $6.69
7 Junior Breakfast Burrito with Sausage $1.40
8 Potato Oles Scrambler with Bacon $4.49
9 Potato Oles Scrambler with Sausage $4.49
10 Scrambler Burrito with Bacon Combo $5.79
11 Scrambler Burrito with Sausage Combo $5.79
12 Meat and Potato Breakfast Burrito (Bacon) Combo  $5.59
13 Meat and Potato Breakfast Burrito (Sausage) Combo  $5.59
14 Spicy Chorizo Breakfast Burrito Combo
15 Junior Breakfast Burrito with Bacon Combo $5.15
16 Junior Breakfast Burrito with Sausage Combo
17 Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burrito $1.99
18 Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burrito Combo $4.45
19 Potato Oles Small $1.89
20 Potato Oles Medium $2.29
21 Potato Oles Large $2.59
22 Mexican Donut Bites $2.49
23 Milk $1.59

Taco John’s Customer Services

  • Taco John’s Corporate Phone Number- (307) 635-0101
  • Taco John’s Corporate Office Address- 808 West 20 StreetP.O. Box 1589, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
  • Official Website: tacojohns.com

Does Taco John’s Serve Breakfast All Day 

Taco John’s is not the ideal option if you’re looking for a breakfast restaurant that is open all day. Taco John’s exclusively offers breakfast every day from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. There won’t be any breakfast menus available until 10:30 in the morning.

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Taco John’s Operating Hours

Restaurants operated by Taco John’s are open at 7 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. They are the hours that Taco John’s restaurants use the most.

Some locations close their stores at 11 p.m., while others close a little earlier, at 8 or 9 p.m. On www.tacojohns.com/locations, you may view a certain Taco John’s precise hours of operation.

Day Time to Start Lunch Closing Hours
Monday 7 AM 10 PM
Tuesday 7 AM 10 PM
Wednesday 7 AM 10 PM
Thursday 7 AM 10 PM
Friday 7 AM 10 PM
Saturday 7 AM 10 PM
Sunday 7 AM 10 PM

Taco John’s Breakfast Time on Holiday

Holiday Holiday Date Open and Closed Open and Closed
New Year’s Day Jan 1 Wednesday Regular Hours
Martin Luther King Day Jan 18 Monday Regular Hours
Presidents’ Day Feb 15 Monday Regular Hours
Good Friday April 2 Friday Regular Hours
Easter April 4 Sunday Regular Hours
Memorial Day May 31 Monday Regular Hours
Independence Day Jul 4 Sunday Regular Hours
Labor Day May 1 Saturday Regular Hours
Columbus Day Oct 11 Monday Regular Hours
Veterans Day Nov 11 Thursday Regular Hours
Day Before Thanksgiving Nov 24 Wednesday Regular Hours
Thanksgiving Nov 25 Thursday Regular Hours
Black Friday Nov 26 Friday Regular Hours
Christmas Eve Dec 24 Friday Regular Hours
Christmas Day Dec 25 Saturday Regular Hours
New Year’s Eve Dec 31 Friday Regular Hours

Final Thoughts

Taco John’s breakfast hours: Monday through Sunday, excluding holidays, Taco John’s serves breakfast from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Anyone should have breakfast at least once a day because Taco John’s serves excellent things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Did Taco John’s Start Serving Breakfast?

We may thank Taco John’s for “Taco Tuesday,” even if it is unclear when exactly breakfast was added to the menu of strong flavors. Taco John’s first taco stand opened in 1968.

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What Time Does Taco John’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Every day of the week, Taco John’s opens at 7:00 a.m. and begins serving breakfast.

What time does Taco Bell breakfast end?

What time does Taco Bell open for breakfast? Breakfast at Taco Bell is normally available from 7:15 until 11:15 a.m.

What does Taco John’s have for breakfast?

How do you handle the morning? Then we inquired. Meat and potato breakfast burrito from Taco John Warm flour tortilla, our legendary Potato Oles(r), fluffy scrambled eggs, Nacho cheese, and bacon or sausage of your choice. This is the quickest way to make you AM-amazing. 

Is Taco John’s a franchise?

One of the biggest fast-service Mexican eateries in the country is Taco John’s, which has gained a following for its robust flavors, high-quality ingredients, and dedication to customer care.

What is Taco John’s slogan?

1989 1989: The Taco John’s franchise has 400 or so locations and makes more than $150 million in revenue annually. 1997: Paul Fisherkeller is appointed the company’s president and CEO. “A Whole Lot of Mexican” is picked as the tagline. A brand-new, small-town-focused prototype store has opened.

Who started Taco John’s?

Taco John’s has expanded to more than half of the country in the last five years. According to the company’s current CEO, its roots in Wyoming are still quite strong. In the summer of 1968, Harold Holmes, a manufacturer of travel trailers, and James Woodson, a real estate agent in Cheyenne, helped John Turner launch Taco John’s.

What’s in a super burrito at Taco John’s?

You may have found the hero you’ve always wanted in Taco John’s super burrito. a sizable flour tortilla filled with our mild sauce, onions, cheese, tomatoes, and 100% American beef refried beans.

How many Taco John’s locations are there?

One of the largest Mexican quick-service restaurant chains in America, Taco John’s currently runs and franchises more than 400 stores throughout 23 states.

Is Taco John’s better than Taco Bell?

While Taco John’s beef was slightly less sloppy and overall superior, Taco Bell’s meat was more tender. In the end, I decided to give Taco Bell a 3 and Taco John’s a 3.5 for taste. When you buy tacos with hard shells from a fast food establishment, you get what you pay for. I believe that a taco’s flavor encompasses much more than just taste.

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