Sonic Lunch Hours 2023: How to Get the Best Deals and Enjoyment

You have probably heard of Sonic Drive-In if you enjoy fast food. Sonic is known for its delicious food, refreshing drinks, and fun atmosphere.

But did you know that Sonic also has a great deal on its lunch Menu? In this article, We’ll explore Sonic lunch hours and how you can get the most out of your Sonic dining experience.

What are Sonic Lunch Hours?

What are Sonic Lunch Hours?

Depending on the area, Sonic’s lunch service runs from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Depending on the Sonic location, lunch service may begin as early as 10:00 am or last until 5:00 pm.

It’s important to call your neighborhood Sonic restaurant to confirm their precise lunchtime hours.

Day Sonic Lunch Hours
Monday Served All Day
Tuesday Served All Day
Wednesday Served All Day
Thursday Served All Day
Friday Served All Day
Saturday Served All Day
Sunday Served All Day

What is On Sonic’s Lunch Menu?

Sonic’s lunch menu includes a variety of burgers, Hot dogs, Sandwiches, and Sides. Some of the most popular items on the menu include the Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger, the Chicken Club Toaster Sandwich, and the Chicago Dog.

Sonic also offers a range of Sides, Including tater tots, Onion rings, and Chili cheese fries.

Sonic Lunch Menu & Prices


Sonic Lunch Hours Menu Price
Chili Cheese Coney $1.99
Chili Cheese Coney – Combo $4.99
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney $3.69
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney – Combo $5.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) $4.49
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) – Combo $6.79
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Medium $3.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken – Combo (Medium)
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Large $4.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken – Combo (Large)
Super Crunch Chicken Strips 3 pc $3.49
Super Crunch Chicken Strips – Combo (3 pc) $5.79
Super Crunch Chicken Strips 5 pc $4.69
Super Crunch Chicken Strips – Combo (5 pc) $6.79
Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner (Medium Combo) 4 pc $6.79
Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner (Without Drink) 4 pc $5.69
Add (American Cheese, Hot Chili, or Spicy Jalapeños) $0.50
Add (Crispy Bacon) $0.60
SONIC Cheeseburger $3.89
SONIC Cheeseburger – Combo $5.99
SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger $4.99
SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger – Combo $6.99
SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger $5.49
SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger – Combo $7.89
Chicken Club Toaster $5.09
Chicken Club Toaster – Combo $7.29
Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster $4.99
Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster – Combo $6.99
New York Dog $1.99
New York Dog – Combo $4.99
Chicago Dog $2.39
Chicago Dog – Combo
All-American Dog $1.99
All-American Dog – Combo

Hot Dogs

The Original Pretzel Dog (Limited Time) $2.09
Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog (Limited Time) $2.99

Everyday Deals

Vanilla Cone $1.00
Vanilla Dish $1.49
Real Ice Cream Sundae $1.99
Iced Tea Small $1.19
Soft Drink Small $1.19
Famous Slush Small $1.19
Tots or Fries Small
Jr. Breakfast Burrito $1.19
Jr. Double Cheeseburger $1.99
Jr. Deluxe Burger $1.39
Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger $1.69
Chicken Strip Sandwich $1.49
Corn Dog $1.29
Grilled Cheese $1.49


Boneless Wings 6 pc $4.49
Boneless Wings 12 pc $8.79
Boneless Wings 24 pc $16.99
Ultimate Chicken Sandwich – Traditional or Classic $5.99


Handmade Onion Rings Mini
Handmade Onion Rings Small $2.29
Handmade Onion Rings Medium $2.89
Handmade Onion Rings Large $3.39
Handmade Onion Rings Family $5.39
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Mini $1.49
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Small $2.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Medium $3.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Large
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Family $6.99
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries Mini
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries Small $2.29
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries Medium $3.09
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries Large $3.49
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries Family $5.99
Apple Slices $1.29
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Mini (2 pcs) $1.29
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Small (4 pcs.) $2.49
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Medium (6 pcs.) $3.59
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Large (8 pcs) $4.79
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Family (16 pcs) $7.99
Tots or Fries Mini $0.79
Tots or Fries Small $1.19
Tots or Fries Medium $1.99
Tots or Fries Large $2.39
Tots or Fries Family $3.99
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Mini $1.59
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Small $2.99
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Medium $4.29
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Large
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Family $8.99

Kid’s Meal

Chicken Strips 2 pcs $3.59
Jr. Burger $3.39
Beef Hot Dog $3.39
Corn Dog $3.39
Grilled Cheese $2.99

Frozen Menu

Master Shakes Mini $2.49
Master Shakes Small $3.29
Master Shakes Medium $4.09
Master Shakes Large $5.09
CreamSlush Treats Mini $2.09
CreamSlush Treats Small $2.99
CreamSlush Treats Medium $3.59
CreamSlush Treats Large $4.59
Old School Floats Mini $2.09
Old School Floats Small $2.49
Old School Floats Medium $3.09
Old School Floats Large $4.39
Real Ice Cream Sundae $1.99
Molten Cake Sundae $4.29
Waffle Cone Sundae $2.99
Vanilla Waffle Cone $1.99
Master Blast Mini $3.39
Master Blast Small $3.89
Master Blast Medium $4.59
Master Blast Large $5.99
Java Chiller Shakes Small $2.99
Java Chiller Shakes Medium $3.39
Java Chiller Shakes Large $4.39
SONIC Blast Mini $2.89
SONIC Blast Small $3.39
SONIC Blast Medium $4.09
SONIC Blast Large $5.49
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Mini $1.99
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Small $2.79
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Medium $3.59
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Large $4.59


Real Fruit Slushes Large $2.79
Real Fruit Slushes Route 44 $2.99
Soft Drink Small $1.19
Soft Drink Medium $1.69
Soft Drink Large $1.89
Soft Drink Route 44 $2.19
Soft Drink (Iced Tea) Gallon $3.99
SONIC Splash Small $1.19
SONIC Splash Medium $1.69
SONIC Splash Large $1.89
SONIC Splash Route 44 $2.19
Ocean Water Small $1.39
Ocean Water Medium $1.79
Ocean Water Large $1.99
Ocean Water Route 44 $2.29
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail Small $1.99
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail Medium $2.49
SONIC Wave Bottled Water $1.49
Premium Roast Coffee Regular $1.49
Premium Roast Coffee Large $1.79
SONIC Energy Drink Small $1.99
SONIC Energy Drink Medium $2.19
SONIC Energy Drink Large $2.29
SONIC Energy Drink Route 44 $2.49
Signature Limeades Small $1.69
Signature Limeades Medium $1.99
Signature Limeades Large $2.29
Signature Limeades Route 44 $2.59
Famous Slushes Small $1.19
Famous Slushes Medium $1.99
Famous Slushes Large $2.39
Famous Slushes Route 44 $2.59
Candy Slushes Small $1.69
Candy Slushes Medium $2.49
Candy Slushes Large $2.89
Candy Slushes Route 44 $3.09
Real Fruit Slushes Small $2.19
Real Fruit Slushes Medium $2.39
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What is On Sonic's Lunch Menu?

When Does Sonic Start Serving Lunch?

It is important to call your local restaurant to confirm their precise lunch hours as the time at which Sonic begins serving lunch may vary per location. In general, Lunch service at Sonic restaurants begins at 10:00 a.m., While some may open as early as 9:00 a.m. or as late as 11:00 a.m.

It’s vital to keep in mind that some Sonic restaurants may sell breakfast dishes all day, While others may have set hours for serving breakfast before switching to their lunch menu. By Visiting the restaurant’s website or giving them a call, you may find out the Sonic location’s lunch hours.

Is Sonic’s Lunch Menu Available All Day?

No, Sonic only normally serves its lunch menu during its lunch hours, which vary by location. Depending on the Sonic location, lunch service may begin as early as 10:00 am or last until 5:00 pm.

It’s important to call your neighborhood Sonic restaurant to confirm their precise lunchtime hours.

What are The Best Deals During Sonic Lunc Hours?

Various promotions are available from Sonic throughout lunchtime, including their Well-Known “Happy Hour” discounts. Customers can purchase drinks and slushies for half off during Happy Hour, which typically lasts from 2:00 PM. until 4:00 PM.

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Additionally, Sonic offers a variety of combo meals that come with a main course, a side dish, and a drink for a reduced price.

How to Save Money During Sonic Lunch Hours

Make sure to look for any current specials and promotions on the Sonic website or social media pages to save money around lunchtime. Additionally, you can join Sonic’s email list to receive special deals and discounts.

Utilizing Sonic’s combo meals, which provide great value for a complete meal, is another option to save money.

Tips for Enjoying Sonic Lunch

Customizing your order will help you to get the most out of your Sonic lunch experience. You can customize your meal at Sonic with the variety of toppings and condiments available.

Additionally, you can make use of Sonic’s outside seats to eat outside in the sunshine. And don’t forget to sample one of Sonic’s renowned shakes or slushies!

What makes Sonic Different from Other Fast-Food Restaurants?

Sonic’s drive-in idea is one of the elements that set it different from other fast food businesses. Sonic allows customers to park their cars and place orders from a menu board rather than ordering at a counter and getting their meals to go.

After that, a carhop will deliver your food to your car so you may dine in the convenience of your car.

How has Sonic’s Lunch Menu Evolved Over Time?

Since Sonic was founded in 1953, its lunch menu has undoubtedly changed. While the restaurant has always served burgers and hot dogs, Its Menu has expanded over time to include a number of additional things.

Salads and grilled chicken sandwiches are just a couple of the healthier options Sonic has recently added. They now have a wider selection of flavored teas and lemonades on their drink menu.

Sonic’s Commitment to Quality Food and Service

One thing that has remained constant throughout Sonic’s history is its commitment to quality food and service. Sonic uses only fresh ingredients and cooks everything to order, ensuring that each meal is hot and delicious.

Their carhops are also known for their friendly service, adding to the overall fun and enjoyable atmosphere of the restaurant.

How to Find a Sonic Near You

Visit Sonic’s website to locate a restaurant close to you if you’re interested in experiencing its lunch menu. You may view all of the Sonic locations near you by simply entering your zip code or city and state. The website also allows you to view the menu and place online orders.

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What are Customers Saying About Sonic’s Lunch Hours?

In general, customers are pleased with Sonic’s lunchtime service. The restaurant’s combo meals and Happy Hour specials are well-liked by patrons since they represent excellent value for a full meal.

Customers also appreciate Sonic’s drive-in concept’s convenience and the helpfulness of its carhops.

What Time Does Sonic Close

It is best to call your local Sonic Restaurant to confirm the precise closing hour as it may change depending on the location. The majority of Sonic Stores Typically close between the Hours of 9:00 PM and 12:00 AM, While Some may stay open later depending on

Sonic Hours Operation

Day Sonic Hours Start Sonic Hours Close
Monday 7 a.m. 12 a.m.
Tuesday 7 a.m. 12 a.m.
Wednesday 7 a.m. 12 a.m.
Thursday 7 a.m. 12 a.m.
Friday 7 a.m. 12 a.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. 12 a.m.
Sunday 7 a.m. 12 a.m.

About Sonic Restaurant

The parent company of Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings, Inspire Brands, owns Sonic Corporation, a drive-in restaurant chain in the United States.

Originally known as Sonic Drive-In, Sonic Corporation is also referred to as “The Drive-In” or simply “Sonic.” Troy N. Smith Sr. founded Sonic, which at the time operated under the Top Hat Drive-In moniker.

Sonic now has 3,545 sites around the country, having started as a walk-up root beer stand selling soda, hamburgers, and hotdogs outside a log cabin steakhouse.

In most locations, Sonic holds an annual competition to find the best skating carhop in the business. Sonic is recognized for using carhops on roller skates.

The “Chilli Cheese Coney”, “Sonic Cheeseburger Combo”, “Sonic Blasts”, “Master Shakes”, and “Wacky Pack Kids Meals” are some of the company’s main offerings. The business offers a brunch menu as well.

Sonic Restaurant Customer Service

Customers Who have questions or issues can turn to Sonic’s customer service team for assistance. Customers can get in touch with Sonic’s customer care representatives by Phone, Email, or Via the Website of the Business.

Sonic Near Me & Sonic locations

In conclusion

Sonic lunch hours offer a great opportunity to enjoy delicious food and drinks at a discounted price. By taking advantage of Sonic’s combo meals and Happy Hour specials, you can get a full meal for a great value.

And with its friendly service and fun atmosphere, Sonic is the perfect place to enjoy a quick and tasty lunch. So why not head to your nearest Sonic today and give their lunch menu a try?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Sonic’s most popular Lunch Items?

The Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger, the Chicken Club Toaster Sandwich, and The Chicago Dog are some of Sonic’s most Well-Liked lunch offerings. In addition, They provide a variety of sides, Such as Chili cheese fries, Onion rings, and Tater tots.

How can I Get Coupons for Sonic Lunch?

You can join Sonic’s email list to receive special deals and discounts. For current offers and promotions, You can also check the restaurant’s website or social media accounts.

Are there any Healthy Options on Sonic’s Lunch Menu?

Yes, Sonic has a variety of healthier lunch alternatives, Such as salads and grilled chicken sandwiches. They also provide flavored teas and lemonades, Which have fewer calories than soda and come in a variety of flavors.

Can I customize My Sonic Lunch Order?

You may customize your meal at Sonic by choosing from a variety of toppings and sauces. In addition, You can ask for changes to your order, Such as the addition of more toppings or the omission of some Items.

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