Dunkin’ Doughnuts Allergen Menu 2023 & Official

Are you a doughnut enthusiast who has specific dietary requirements due to allergies? Do you find it challenging to navigate through menus and find suitable options that cater to your needs?

Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Dunkin’ Doughnuts allergen menu, providing you with valuable information to make informed choices while indulging in your favorite treats.

Whether You Have gluten Intolerance, Nut Allergies, or other dietary restrictions, we have got you covered. Let’s dive in and uncover the Allergen Information you need to know!

Dunkin’ Doughnuts Allergen Menu 

At Dunkin’ Doughnuts, they understand the importance of providing allergen information to their valued customers.

They Are Committed to offering a safe and inclusive dining experience for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions.

The Dunkin’ Doughnuts allergen menu provides a comprehensive list of ingredients, highlighting Potential Allergens present in their products.

By Consulting This Menu, you can make educated decisions about your food choices and minimize the risk of an allergic reaction.

Dunkin' Doughnuts Allergen Menu 2023 & Official

Menu Item Allergens Price
Glazed Donut Wheat, Soy $1.09
Chocolate Frosted Donut Wheat, Soy $1.29
Boston Kreme Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.39
Jelly Donut Wheat, Soy $1.29
Old Fashioned Donut Wheat, Soy $1.09
Strawberry Frosted Donut Wheat, Soy $1.29
Blueberry Cake Donut Wheat, Soy $1.09
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Wheat, Soy $1.09
Glazed Munchkin Wheat, Soy $0.49
Chocolate Munchkin Wheat, Soy $0.49
Glazed Blueberry Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.09
Glazed Raspberry Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.09
Glazed Chocolate Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.09
Glazed Lemon Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.09
Glazed Caramel Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.09
Glazed Strawberry Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.09
Glazed Vanilla Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.09
Glazed Green Apple Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk $1.09
Glazed Blue Raspberry Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Sour Cream Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Chocolate Cake Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Devil’s Food Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed French Cruller Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Honey Bun Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Powdered Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Pumpkin Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Coconut Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg, Tree Nuts $1.09
Glazed Cherry Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Maple Donut Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.09
Glazed Apple Fritter Wheat, Soy, Milk, Egg $1.99
Coffee (Small) None $1.89
Latte (Small) Milk, Soy $3.19
Cappuccino (Small) Milk, Soy $2.89
Hot Chocolate (Small) Milk, Soy $2.19
Iced Coffee (Small) None $2.49
Iced Latte (Small) Milk, Soy $3.99
Iced Cappuccino (Small) Milk, Soy $3.49
Iced Tea (Small) None $1.79
Dunkaccino (Small) Milk, Soy $2.69
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Dunkin Donuts’ Allergen Menu Dairy Free

S.NO Menu Item Allergens
1 Glazed Donut Dairy
2 Chocolate Frosted Donut Dairy
3 Strawberry Frosted Donut Dairy
4 Blueberry Cake Donut Dairy
5 Cinnamon Sugar Donut Dairy
6 Glazed Munchkin Dairy
Chocolate Munchkin Dairy
8 Glazed Blueberry Donut Dairy
9 Glazed Raspberry Donut Dairy
10 Glazed Chocolate Donut Dairy
11 Glazed Lemon Donut Dairy
12 Glazed Caramel Donut Dairy
13 Glazed Strawberry Donut Dairy
14 Glazed Vanilla Donut Dairy
15 Glazed Green Apple Donut Dairy
16 Glazed Blue Raspberry Dairy
17 Glazed Sour Cream Dairy
18 Glazed Chocolate Cake Dairy
19 Glazed Devil’s Food Dairy
20 Glazed French Cruller Dairy
21 Glazed Honey Bun Dairy
22 Glazed Powdered Donut Dairy
23 Glazed Pumpkin Donut Dairy
24 Glazed Cherry Donut Dairy
25 Glazed Maple Donut Dairy
26 Glazed Apple Fritter Dairy
27 Coffee None
28 Iced Coffee None
29 Espresso None
30 Iced Espresso None
31 Hot Tea None
32 Iced Tea None
33 Dunkin’ Turbo Shot None

Although Some products are free of dairy, Cross-Contamination is still possible, so it’s crucial to let the staff know About Your Allergy and make sure it’s handled properly.

As Ingredient Formulations might vary, it’s also wise to review the ingredient list and Double-Check with the retailer.

The Importance Of Allergen Menus

Having well-structured food Allergies or Sensitivities. It enables them to identify and avoid ingredients that may trigger adverse reactions.

Dunkin’ Doughnuts recognizes the significance of this information and has taken proactive measures to ensure their customers have access to detailed allergen menus.

By providing transparent and accurate information, they empower individuals to make safe and confident choices while enjoying their favorite treats.

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How To Access The Dunkin’ Doughnuts Allergen Menu

Accessing the Dunkin’ Doughnuts Allergen Menu is a breeze! Simply follow these easy steps:

➥Visit the official Dunkin’ Doughnuts Website At www.dunkindoughnuts.com.

➥Navigate to the “Menu” section.

➥Look for the “Allergen Information” link, Usually Located at the bottom of the page.

➥Click on the link to access the Allergen Menu.

By making the allergen menu easily accessible on their website, Dunkin’ Doughnuts ensures that customers can quickly find the information they need without any hassle.

Dunkin Donuts' Allergen Menu Dairy Free

How Does Dunkin’ Deal With Allergy Donuts?

Allergen Information: Dunkin’ provides Allergen Information for their menu items, including donuts, on their website and in-store.

This Information Helps Customers identify potential allergens present in the donuts, such as wheat, soy, milk, eggs, and tree nuts.

Ingredient Labels: Dunkin’ displays ingredient labels for their packaged donuts, allowing customers to review the ingredients and identify any potential allergens.

Cross-Contamination Awareness: Dunkin’ acknowledges the possibility of cross-contamination in their kitchens.

While they take precautions to prevent cross-contact between different ingredients, they cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment.

They encourage customers with severe allergies to exercise caution and make informed decisions based on their individual needs.

Customization and Special Requests: Dunkin’ allows customers to customize their orders and make special requests to accommodate their dietary restrictions or allergies.

For example, customers can request specific ingredients to be omitted or substituted in their donuts to avoid allergens.

Staff Training: Dunkin’ trains its staff members to handle allergy-related inquiries and orders.

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They Are Expected To be knowledgeable about allergen information, communicate it accurately to customers, and follow proper procedures to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

It’s important for customers with Allergies To Inform Dunkin’ staff about their specific needs, ask questions about ingredients and potential allergens, and discuss any concerns they may have before placing an order.

This allows both the customer and the Dunkin’ team to work together to find suitable options and ensure a safe dining experience.

Can We All Use A Donut From Dunkin’?

Providing they do not have any specific Dietary Restrictions or allergies that would prevent them from consuming the ingredients used in the donuts, anyone can indulge in a Dunkin’ Donuts donut.

To accommodate a range of tastes and Preferences, Dunkin’ offers a number of donut flavors and alternatives.

To be sure that the donuts they select are appropriate for their particular needs, people with allergies or dietary restrictions should check the ingredient information provided by Dunkin’ and speak with the staff.

People can choose which donuts are appropriate for them to enjoy by being aware of any potential allergens or dietary restrictions.

Dunkin’ Donuts Menu Review – Is Anything Healthy?!


Dunkin’ Donuts takes Food Allergies seriously And strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for all customers.

With their Comprehensive Allergen Menu, they provide Essential Information To individuals with dietary Restrictions, Enabling them to make well-informed choices.

By communicating with staff and exploring alternative options, allergy-sensitive customers can enjoy the delicious offerings at Dunkin’ Donuts with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs Dunkin’ Doughnuts Allergen Menu)

Does Dunkin’ Doughnuts offer gluten-free doughnuts?

While Dunkin’ Doughnuts does not currently offer gluten-free doughnuts, they do have other gluten-free options available. Please refer to the allergen menu for a complete list of gluten-free choices.

Can I find nut-free doughnuts at Dunkin’ Doughnuts?

Dunkin’ Doughnuts does not have nut-free doughnuts due to potential cross-contamination. However, they offer other nut-free menu items. For a comprehensive list, refer to the allergen menu.

Does Dunkin’ Doughnuts have vegan options?

Yes, Dunkin’ Doughnuts offers vegan-friendly choices. The allergen menu provides details on vegan ingredients used in their products.

How often does Dunkin’ Doughnuts update its allergen menu?

Dunkin’ Doughnuts makes every effort to ensure its allergen menu is up to date. However, ingredient changes and new products may occur. It is advisable to check the menu regularly for the latest information.

Can I trust the accuracy of the allergen menu at Dunkin’ Doughnuts?

Dunkin’ Doughnuts is committed to providing accurate and reliable allergen information. They work diligently to maintain the menu’s accuracy, but it is always a good practice to double-check the information before placing an order.

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